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Trumeter Advanced Panel Meter (APM)

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Our latest range of advanced panel meters will provide you with the highest level of accuracy and an immediate visual indication of your critical parameters. The APM has been specifically designed for engineers who require a more effective way of monitoring and displaying data. The Trumeter APM is a cost-effective alternative to traditional moving coil and expensive digital panel meters.
The programmable scale and custom annunciators mean users can tailor the panel meter to display their critical parameters exactly how they want, while the dynamic backlighting, in conjunction with setpoints, means operators are visually alerted when a parameter is out of range. These digital panel meters are equipped with two outputs that can be used to control other systems in the process, meaning the Advanced Panel Meter is much more than just a display.


Taking the next steps within panel meter technology.

Leaving traditional digital panel meters – and all their additional costs – behind, our panel meters are a modern, cost-effective alternative. We are proud of our range of Trumeter Advanced Panel Meters and their standing as the most visible, easy-to-use programmable panel meters on the market, for all your measuring needs. Thanks to our pioneering technology, an accuracy of 1% or even better is achieved across the entire input range, giving you precise control and measurement readings at all times.


A host of expertly-designed panel meters available from Trumeter.

Our Advanced Panel Meter range include the Amp Meter, which features a 5A direct current measuring input and is suitable for current transformers up to 1000A. Also the Trumeter APM Volt Meter, featuring an auto-detecting AC or DC measuring input and capable of measuring up to 600VDC. With 15 built-in configurations this innovative voltmeter will cover many applications. We also have the Trumeter APM Frequency Meter, the simplest, most easily programmed frequency meter available. Lastly, of all our smart meters, the Process Meter and Shunt Meter offer the most advanced technologies, taking the APM into a wide range of new applications, where accurate DC current measurement is required. You can learn more about all of these individual meters on our products pages.


Come and visit us at the following International shows, where we would be pleased to demonstrate the APM to you:



Elecrama 2016

BIEC, Bengaluru, India, 13-17 February 2016

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Malaysia, KL – 25-28 May 2016

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Global Electric Power Tech

Korea, Seoul – 11-13 May 2016

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Taipei Internasonal Industrial Automation

Taiwan, Taipei – 31 Aug – 3 Sep 2016

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Intraconnex (Industrial Trade Conference and Exhibitions) 2016

Indonesia, Medan – 20-22 April 2016

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Electric, Power and Renewable Energy Indonesia 2017

Indonesia, Jakarta – 13-16 September 2017

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Construction Indonesia 2017

Indonisia, Jakarta – 20-23 September 2016

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Manufacturing Surabaya 2016

Indonisia, Surabaye – 3-6 August 2016

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Energising Vietnam 2016

Vietnam, Ho Chi Ming City – 14-16 September 2016

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Electric Power and Renewable Energy Myanmar 2016

Myanmar, Yangon – 13-15 October 2016

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Electrical China 2016

China, Beijing – 2-4 November 2016

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Energy Show 2016

China, Shanghai – 1-5 November 2016

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Power and Alternative Energy Asia Exhibition

Pakistan, Karachi – 26-28 January 2016

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Powergen Show 2016

Orlando, FL – 13-15 December, 2016

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